May 13th, Friday.

Okay, woah!

It sure has been awhile. The last time I wrote on here was about 2016/2017? Damn has there been a MILLION changes from then.

Well for starters I moved back home – not the best environment for my mental health but I was at a job where I didn’t really see any growing opportunities for me or just in general. It was an impulsive decision that was thought about for a whole year so I jumped the gun without making sure I had another job lined up lol. It worked out though!! I am working in logistics now & get paid way more so all the struggles I endured during being unemployed wasn’t all for nothing.

I met someone ❤ someone that I am seriously in love with – which is so shocking to me because I never knew what being in love felt like; of course my last relationship that lasted about 7 years on & off I thought I was in love but turns out once Bryce came along I deff wasn’t.

Bryce not only makes me want to be a better person for him but for myself as well. He makes me laugh a lot lol we are very goofy together. We have only been together for about 7 months which is crazy how strongly I feel but time means nothing, character does. Anything he does I am just so in awe of him – just looking at him makes me so happy; I feel so grateful God placed us in each others lives & so grateful I get the opportunity to love him & experience his presence. Whenever I decide to take the time to write, he’s my muse haha. I wasn’t planning on writing about him today yet here I am writing about him ❤

He feels so perfect – I LOVE getting kisses from him lol I annoy him sometimes because of how much I ask for a kiss or when I go on a kissing spree on his face. Sex is amazing which is great because I never enjoyed sex before if I am being honest, I enjoyed the thought more than anything but – Like of course I believed in love but not as much as I do now since I met him. I just want to do everything I can to make sure he knows how brilliant he is & how thankful I am of him.

Even though he expresses that he is inlove with me too, I really hope he feels how I feel about him. One of my biggest fears in a relationship is your partner not really feeling obsessed with you as you are them ya know? & not obsessed in a psycho way lmao but you know what I mean.

Anyway I think that is enough for today – just wanted to write for a little to see how it felt to get back at it. Feels nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s been so long.

Yes! i am back and even though nobody visits my page i hope one day they will. These past few months have been OK but today right now the present isnt so bad after all, i mean mistakes or bad decisons you make in life let you learn and you become the person you are correct? thats right! these past few months have been full of mistakes but im making it through day by day (: im working at a job that i actually have a good feeling about me staying there for a reallllllly long time! my relationship is going great my love for my boyfriend is growing stronger and stronger everyday. remember to appreciate everyone you meet appreciate every little thing in your life because it makes you…..YOU. follow your dreams people please.. do what makes you happy, not your parents and not your friends and especially not society. thats it for tonight my sleep schedule is fucked and im tired.

It’s been awhile

Hello everyone! I can honestly say i am proud of myself today. With everything i have been through being a kid and the situations i have been dealing with growing up I have finally decided to get help. I want to let whoever is reading my posts to  know that it is perfectly fine to get help with depression, bipolar & any other obstacles you are dealing with. Life is to short to be sitting around rolled up in a ball in bed crying and feeling alone. Today you could be taking a walk in the park feeling the sunshine on your skin & smiling more. Remember all of it starts with YOU!


Are you stuck trying to please everyone but yourself? stop now. I personally have  been stuck in this stage for years & it really effects the choices i make through out the day. You constantly start thinking who will you upset with a decision your gonna make for yourself, that’s exactly how i was when it came to my family but now I’m learning not to be like that anymore. Don’t get me wrong you should care about peoples feelings especially if your thinking about making a choice out of spite to hurt them which is mean.  But making a choice that you know will make you genially happy and that is going to give you room to grow as a person is nothing to be a shamed of. Don’t live life trying to one up and be better than anybody either because no one is better than anyone. STAY POSITIVE!


It’s time to GROW!!

My biggest thing i struggle with is letting people bring me down. But that’s going to change, It’s time for me to GROW! New job, new goals, new mindset & new attitude. Time is ticking there is no more time to waste on negativity & not taking risk’s & chances! We should all come together for a better us & a better life.

Today’s Thoughts

A lot has been on my mind lately, i guess I’m stressed about life. I know exactly what & who i want to be in life & I’m going to make everything happen I just have to be patient like God want’s me to. Starting this Word press is kinda helping me feel comfortable to writing my book (: getting people to be interested in my blog is a little hard but i’ll manage! I don’t have much viewer’s but it takes time. i hope everybody has a great day & always stay positive! I’ll be blogging everyday so stay tuned with positive vibe’s!


In life you’re are going to come across a million people on your journey. Some good & some bad, the good people that you meet are the ones you need to surround yourself with. The bad people you meet need to be cut from your life & I’ll tell you the difference between them. The good ones uplift you in your darkest moment’s, pour positivity in your life, make you genuinely happy not only with life in general but most importantly with yourself! Make you feel at ease when you ask for help even though your pride gets in the way of accepting help, they make you feel safe to the point you have no doubts about opening up to them with your mistakes…. You can trust them. The bad ones however are the ones who are only your friend when it benefits them and their ego, doesn’t show trust, love or care in their actions when it comes to your friendship with them. The bad ones hurt you numerous times and don’t make you feel safe — always negative and in competition with you. They spread negativity through everything they do and their desire is to only benefit themselves in all aspects even if it’s hurting you in the long run they wont care as long as they get what they want.

Be Yourself

I know it’s hard to be yourself. It’s hard when people influence you and we think “No way, no one influences me.” But it happens with our friends our family even celeb’s. I guess we all desire to be someone we aren’t, looking in the mirror criticizing our selves……. For who? Society! Pshh come on what does society know about true beauty? Nothing. True beauty to society is clear skin, fat ass, big tits, perfect teeth, perfect eyebrow’s, skinny waist, stretch mark free, ect. You wanna know what true beauty is? Look in the mirror again, see how unique you are. Its okay to be insecure sometimes but don’t make it a habit it’s not healthy and being so wrapped up in your insecurities will surely make you unhappy. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL from your head to your toes and don’t let anyone tell you different.


Hello everyone! My name is Taylor, my blog is going to be about life in all aspects. My goal is to connect with everyone worldwide. I will be sharing personal thoughts, lessons, positive quotes & just basically using this site as a open diary for you all for you to connect with the situations i have gone through.